Mikel Uribetxeberria
President of Fagor Ederlan

Mikel UribetxeberriaWe would like to collect the graphical documents of all events organized by Fagor Ederlan on its fiftieth anniversary to make them available to everybody on this website. The goal is to put up all the photos, videos, articles and documents to share all these special moments with all of you. Therefore, if you have any documents or material related to these events we will be happy to publish them. Between all of us we will manage to create a wonderful space to remember this high point. I hope you enjoy it. Warmest regards


The cooperative was created 28th June, 1963
"José María Arizmendiarrieta wanted to create a foundry and distance it from the white goods at the Mondragón installations."
His efforts were rewarded in Eskoriatza and the fusion of the old companies of Fundiciones Esteibar, Industrias Comet and Talleres Uribesalgo resulted in the Comet Cooperative Society, the incubator for the Ederlan project (1966). Specialising in the production of cast and injected products, this first phase heralds the first industrial steps toward the automotive industry.
"I remember that among the founders, the oldest of all was about 25. The rest of us were 17, 18, 19 year old boys. We knew very little but we were really keen.”
"We were a very close knit group, in a way perhaps not truly aware of what we were doing, nonetheless we were facing a challenge."


After several difficult years, during which the ULGOR group lent its support, Ederlan began to grow and open up the market. It consolidated its position as a supplier of components for the Automotive sector and was approved by most of the vehicle manufacturers in the sector. This shift toward a specialised product piloted the company's growth and its exports.

The Eskoriatza plant was expanded, merging with the AMAT cooperative, the current Uribarri foundry, and the Fagor group purchased the foundries of Tafalla and Usurbil de Victorio Luzuriaga. Yet another step was taken toward specialization with the integration of machining.

Creation of Fagor Ederlan Taldea

The creation of the Fagor Ederlan Taldea Group is, even today, one of the most important milestones in our history. This process was the definitive driving force behind the Fagor Ederlan project. During these years, with intense investment and growth in business with higher value-added activities, assembly modules, such as FIT Automocion, Fagor Ederlan Borja and Automodulos, were created. These were years of opening up new markets and the beginning of an unstoppable process of internationalization. Years of important social challenges, such as integrating the worker-members of Victoriano Luzuriaga into the group.

"We are very pleased and proud to have merged the Tafalla and Usurbil plants into our cooperative".

Present and future of Fagor Ederlan Taldea

The Fagor Ederlan Group is a company with production plants and a commercial presence virtually throughout the world. It is a first-choice partner for major manufacturers within the automobile industry. In recent years the focus has been placed on taking the steps that have made it possible to turn this positioning into a reality. Large steps, such as the new international plants in Slovakia, China, production partnerships in countries like the USA and Korea, and the Edertek technology centre, a benchmark in innovative products, processes and materials for meeting the enormous technological challenges within the sector. The future is to adapt to the new challenges judiciously. 50 more years are on the way to accompany us in the development of these great challenges in this exciting ever changing world that is the Automotive industry. Challenges that include developing our international standing even further, our sizing for the development of brand new products, and the commitment to cooperative values, a distinguishing feature that has shaped and will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of our cooperative.